Dark of Moon

Dark of Moon is a comedy about five friends at a cross-roads in their lives. It's about that time in one's life when the novelty of being an adult has died down, and you wind up having to make decisions that may very well affect the rest of your life. It's about friends, lovers, and choices.

It's also filled with Pagans.

The film centers around the Coven of the Mystick Light...a group that formed in college, lost some members to graduation and careers, and has settled down into a comfortable practice for the past few years. It consists of two women (Beth and Sammi) and three men (Zeke, Miller, and Drew). They have no connection to any Trad, and consider themselves leaderless, deciding everything on consensus.

But one of their members isn't happy. He feels like his spirituality, and his life, are stagnant. He wants to get more out of both, and a chance encounter with a Gardnerian Coven leads him to leave his old group to join a Traditional teaching coven.

This act shakes up the small circle. They all look at their lives, and decide that some things just aren't turning out the way they wanted. While some of it's members dedicate themselves towards finding a better job, the film focuses on Beth, who longs for a relationship that will both warm her heart and nurture her spirit. She drags her acid-tongued friend Sammi along for the ride, and their journey takes them from a Pagan activist group meeting, to a psychic development circle, an ADF Druid rite, all the way to the Gardnerian Covenstead where their friend defected to. Along the way Beth and Sammi have their eyes opened to many possibilities...and the audience gets to enjoy the ride.

This film features Pagan and Wiccan characters in a way we haven't seen before in a film. They're not agents of the devil, nor are they bored teenagers looking for thrills. There's no levitation, no transfiguration, no lightening bolts flying out of peoples' fingertips. There's just people...sometimes sweet, sometimes abrasive, but always human.

This is no soapbox, and nobody makes any speeches about the “Burning Times”, or “matriarchy”. The humour comes from the characters and their peculiar character traits...there are no barbed comments aimed at other religions. There are jibes aimed at pop culture, but nobody worships at the altar of Hollywood in our culture anyway...well, except Perez Hilton. But he's the exception.

This isn't a “Pagan Movie”, but rather a movie about friends in crisis that happens to feature Pagan characters. Non-Pagans can not only enjoy this film, but this is a great movie to show people when you want to say “See? These are Pagans...not perfect, but not scary.” Just wait until we're done with it...you'll see. Anyone who likes dialogue driven comedies in the spirit of Woody Allen and Kevin Smith should enjoy this movie.

I hope that, by having characters who are Pagan but not preaching about it, that it will entertain the unenlightened while also showing us as normal, but unique. I also hope to entertain the Pagans too... heck, I think this movie will entertain lots of people. No matter what, I hope that this film will make my coreligionists say “Hey, somebody finally got it right!”